Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A place to call my own

Hi! I'm an author and this is my on-line gallery for really cool art that I've created in my trials and errors in learning how to make art in 3D. I got into it because I wanted to create avatars for my characters. Since most of them, both from my published and unpublished work, are not exactly human, I needed learn to make my own. You are welcome to use any of these, just give me the credit and a link-back.

So without further ado, here's some art!

How I did this one (you can get all these from DAZ's store):

I used M4 complete with the Prince Albain character to make my white freaky dude. I'm not sure what he is, exactly, other than a mean little bugger.

I used The Freak with the Vargr character and Troglodyte horns for the beastie.

The background is MyPCForest2 and the weapons are the starburst and the ultimate push dagar from Deadly Edges. The lighting, you can make yourself. I used a lighting set-up from MD Druid Vally and turned off the main light.

Note: position the weapons before parenting them! Drove me nuts trying to position them before I figured that out. You will also have to fiddle with the horns to make them look right since they weren't built for The Freak.

The horns, blades, and The Freak are free on DAZ right now and the background comes with DAZ Studio 3. You have to buy M4 complete, but you could probably get away with the basic M4 model. You'll just have to put up with plain human ears. Vargr and Albain both cost money, but they are fairly inexpensive and well worth the money. If you choose not to get Albain and don't have M4 complete, you'll either have to dress him or put up with those ugly second skin undies he comes with. Ditto for the beastie. I didn't use gens for either on this but you could, I guess. Make sure you set the skin color in "skins" for Vargr's gens using some part of his body, though, or it ain't going to look right. I did set the horns to match the color of Vargr's nose.

That's about it for now. Have a great day!