Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hi! I'd like to introduce you to Seraiah, chieftain of a forest elf clan called the Pine Martins. He's what's called a tracker, a type of forest elf who are born with inate skills in tracking. Be warned, he doesn't play well with others, though he has the unabashed loyalty of almost every elfin tracker not affiliated with an elfin house.

This is the very first avatar I've made for a character who isn't (yet) a main character in one of my stories. The key to this one, I think, was finally having a large assortment of M4 character pre-sets I could mix-and-match into the perfect character. The face and skin are Morven from Runtime DNA. The ears are Trystan's, because I just really like Trystan's ears. I finished off with Diamond hair and some earnings for M4 I picked up a while ago as freebies. I accidentally removed the texture from them at one point and ended up leaving that way because now they look like they are carved from bone.

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