Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Author Pages: What WAS I Thinking???

Oh, what was I thinking when I made an author page at every site I could find all those years ago? I'm still finding some that I had totally forgotten about and therefore have not updated in, like, two or more years. Ack!

On to other ramblings. I have been hard at work revising a few different manuscripts while trying to decide if the next one I submit should be the one closest to being done (not a Hunt Lords book) or the one that kind of (but not really) fits in with the story arc I just finished up or if I should push forward and just introduce the next story arc. What do you guys think? Which would you prefer to read? Help a sister decide!

The choices are:

The story of Mooney and Marissa from the town of Talbot's Peak? (

The story of Faolchu and his wife? (Mentioned in The Hawk's Bride)

A new story arc, which would kick off with Faolchu's daughter, Kiko (oops, a spoiler!) and the cheiftain of a mountain elf clan.

Or, depending on how quickly I work it, the story of what happens to Eddie, the blind houndsman.

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