Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Am Not Normal

So I was walking down the hall at my day job when I saw someone I get along with pretty well. I said “Hi!” He smiled, got an ornery look on his face, and then said “Lo!”

This may sound like a normal interaction between two people who are friendly acquaintances, at least for most people. For me, it was one of those ah-ha! moments. Why? Because I realized that hi, as a greeting, and ‘lo, another fairly common greeting are opposites that mean the same thing when you change the context.

And that pretty much sums up why writers are strange people. I sat and thought on it for some time, am now writing a blog about it, and eventually will probably figure out how to work that bit of silly, useless trivia into a book. A “normal” person would have thought about it, maybe chuckled, and then forgot all about it.

There. I admit it. I am not normal. But I am also never board.

~ Rebecca

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